Sunday, February 21, 2016


Sometimes when i feel gloomy, almost without a sight Sometimes when i am upset with simply no might I suddenly become vulnerable to every person and every place I have no enthusiam and find no solace Its like I am falling from a mountain so tall No one to catch me from my frightful fall I almost believe that I have to dwell in this scary scene Just then, come to my rescue my reds and my greens The paper ever so white for me to spoil silly The true form of expression comes out freely My brushes fat and thin wait to get drenched in the colour Splashes and strokes fall down on the plain platter Just then the pen pops its head from the drawer For me to write my heart out and clear out the clutter Sometimes I make sense and at other times I dont The healing lies in the process, not in the result alone The journey to explore the inside of me Only begins when I am down to my lowest key My hobbies and passions always outlast me My true partners in life when its tough to be

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