Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beautiful Thoughts

It’s raining really heavily. I am sitting in front of the computer. My mom is in the living room. I don’t have any idea what she is up to. We have had our usual fight over something one of us has said. Well, something I have said and it has hurt her. I have said sorry. I mean it when I say it. Otherwise I don’t say it. I hope she knows it. But still both of us haven’t made any attempt to try and make a conversation with each other. The medium, through which we usually do have it, is out working at a gym! That’s my brother, younger to me. He is a sweetener when mom and me fight. He drives the aggressive vibes out of our minds at least for a few hours! So I am wishing that he were here! I wish someone else were there too. My dad. But he is in Dubai earning money so that we can live, the way we want to. I miss him especially on such days. He mostly takes my side, of course when I am not very wrong. Now let me come to the point! I think usually about anything that happens around me. So I thought why not think about such days when it doesn’t work out the way you want it to! Are such days really necessary!
Then I realize yes they are, because they ultimately pile up in our mind to become memories. Memories that later bring smile on our face, maybe sometimes they make us cry too but so what. They happen to be our treasure. They help us live a beautiful life. And nowadays I tend to think everything in a different perspective. When anything happens in my house I say to myself ‘I wont see this happening once I am married.’ So I take it as a compliment. I know I will miss this life very much. The life, which I am living with my mom and my brother. Dad comes only once in a year for a month. Of course we have fun that time. But I have actually not experienced a routine life with my dad since 3 years. But all the things aren’t in our hands. I miss him though. But that’s a different story! My life is all about coming home after my class and finding mom in the kitchen cooking something for us, my brother playing guitar and asking me to sing, my mom checking on me so that I don’t talk for long on phone, hearing her voice when she asks me to return home sharp by 9.00 p.m. when ever I go out with Amit (my boyfriend), me and my brother fighting over a TV channel we want to watch, arguing about who will make the bed at night, troubling each other unnecessarily, teasing mom if she calls up dad without letting us know, also my brother insisting me to fold his shirt and asking me to massage his hair. And most importantly opening up the wardrobe and finding all the clothes neatly lined up, who else mom! There are so many things, which are too simple to write but too precious to not write! They make my life complete. And though they are routine for me today they will be unforgettable amazing memories later! Each and every incident in my life is a treasure, which fills my bag, and I shine more and more as I live.
As my mind floats over such thoughts I hear my mom calling me for snacks! And I know everything is back to normal, of course my brother is home too busy munching on the snacks already calling out my name to accompany him! I simply smile contently as I notice my bag shinning a bit more than a few hours back!