Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its time to Act

The Mumbai terror attacks not only left me numb and petrified but it also awakened me like my fellow Indians. I was angry, frustrated and helpless in the initial stage, when I looked at the insensitive and silly reactions of most of the politicians and the blame game between the various political parties. Watching news made me furious at most times. But then after some days, I started thinking upon the issues we are facing in a more sensible and practical way. After the anger and confusion of emotions in your mind subside, emerges a solution. So I felt that this is the best time to write in my blog because only now will I be able to express feasible solutions and suggestions to one and all. I am not a big personality, I am neither rich nor elite, and not a celebrity, not a media person, but I am a young blood of this country which needs us now more than ever. I believe I can positively influence views in my own little way.
I have thought about this five point plan, for us to act now!
1. Stop blaming others. Self realization is most important. Change yourself. Stop paying bribe to traffic police to save yourself from heavy fine, stop paying bribe to acquire license, passport or any official document. We all do that, let us accept it. But if we all stop doing it, it surely will help.
2. Be alert always. Not only after a terrorist strike, but keep a watch all the time whenever you are travelling or even while you are at home, peeping out of your window. Don’t be hesitant to inform the police if you notice something suspicious.
3. Know your rights. We as citizens of this country are not aware of our rights as citizens. Our constitution is just a document for us. I think we should be proactive in knowing our rights. Let us carry out a campaign to create awareness of our rights so that we are not fooled by any political party. It’s my request to all the media channels and newspapers to come together and carry out such campaigns and make every Indian smart enough to know his or her rights as a proud citizen.
4. Politics is not a bad word. But here in India we use it when we want to degrade the situation. If in our offices, corporate spaces we hear some gossip we say “politics chal raha hai “. Politics as a word holds far more meaning than just be thrown as a negative adjective. Let the younger group of our generation know this. This field is meant for all of us. Even we can be politicians. A politician can be good as well. We have forgotten this. Thus we choose not to be a politician. Let’s take a pledge that we will educate our younger generation to take up this field so that there is a chance for good politicians to emerge in this mess.
5. Vote. We avoid voting because we believe there is no one good enough. But we need to change our attitude and cast our votes to avoid someone we don’t wish to be elected. Also educate the under privileged. Educated India will be a better India. If we all are educated, we will take up a better decision while voting. But our brothers and sisters who are not so lucky get influenced by many other factors when they vote. So let’s help them become educated. Again it’s my appeal to all the media channels and news papers to come together for this cause. We will support you.
I can only advice or suggest my fellow Indians. I am too young to advice the government how to handle this situation. Terrorism is a very complicated problem. I believe they will take the necessary action. But we as youth should think about tomorrow more than today. LET’S WAKE UP AND ACT. It’s nothing but a fight for freedom as it was many years ago, the enemy this time being corruption, illiteracy and carelessness.