Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Five things!!

Scribbling again in my blog!
Five things you should always place on your office desk and your car.

Your office desk should have –

1.On the pin up board at least one photograph of anything that makes you happy, be it a picture you clicked when you met your good old friends, maybe one funny photo of your pet or of your favourite sitcom.

2. Smart visiting cards stand to place your cards on it, so that you don’t have to dig your messy purse to find one when you need to give!!

3. A clock, to make you realize, its lunch time while you are busy in work!

4. A pen stand, of a bright colour, a shocking red or a bright blue to make your desk a little colourful than the others!

5. Last but the least, something godly, anything you have faith in. Something that keeps you going when nothing seems right.

Your car should have –

1. A Mobile charger, most important guys!! Imagine you are talking to your boss, explaining him why you are late and your battery gives up on you!!

2. Good collection of songs to keep your cool, well in India you have to take efforts to keep your cool friends!!

3. Water bottle….in case you are stuck up in traffic, don’t have a clue of reaching anywhere, listening a nice song in your air conditioned car….instead of enjoying the song, you would keep thinking…”damn why dint I bring water with me!”

4. Tissue paper, imagine you eat something and you have nothing to wipe your hands to, all you have got is your pants!!

5. Air freshener or car perfume…. Picture this, you have to pick or drop someone….after they get out from your car and you cry out loud wishing you had a freshener!!

Will come up with more on FIVE THINGS!! Keep reading..