Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.

Tomorrow is our third marriage anniversary and I thought to myself that there has to be a post about it in my label called “My marriage stories”.
Well, after five years of courtship and three years of marriage I have surely learnt a lot of things.

I had certain expectations from a married life which I had derived from movies I had seen, couples I had observed and immature imagination at times.
But then I realized that romance is a relative term. It cannot be the same in everyone’s life.
It lies where you never thought you would find it. One has to try and look at the right place to see it. I found mine in daily chores that take place in my life. Things that we do for each other every single day make my life romantic. Amit unknowingly taught me this secret of life.

He helps me in the kitchen so that I am not burdened with lot of work.

He religiously makes tea every weekend, so that I enjoy a perfect holiday morning.

He never fails to keep a stock of the soap I use.

He makes sure I always have enough money in my wallet because he knows I am absent minded.

He always accompanies me for grocery shopping every month and never lets me hold the grocery bags because they are heavy.

He drops me to my office whenever I am bored to ride the scooty.

He never frowns to pick up a few things I ask him to bring home while returning from office.

He is supportive of everything I want to do in life.

These things are most romantic to me because they make me happy and relaxed. After marriage one should always try to find out their own way of being romantic rather than building up unrealistic expectations. I took time to learn it myself but I am glad I did. Of course there are sour days with the sweet ones. But if they weren’t, there would have been no fun!