Friday, June 5, 2009

Yippie!!!! (I cant think of any other title for this post!!! :D )

I am going to Mumbai tonight!!! I know I am going alone, without my hubby dearest...but I know he will have a ball even without me (with his Games , soccer on tv and loads of sleep!! :P)
So, I am going to my hometown this weekend to meet my cousin who has come down from the USA, she is like my mirror...I mean we are the best of friends....and I am meeting her after three whole years!!!! Also, her youngest son...I will meet for the first time!! I am sorry for the exclamatory marks I am typing in this post....but I am really soo excited!! To add to the fun part...I am also meeting two of my friends after ages for a nice dinner somewhere!! We are going to be like talking nonstop....I havent had a girls night out for so long...and I am really really looking forward to this weekend....I am so thrilled guys...I am going to dress my best, I am going to eat lots of yummy food, meet the best of people I havent met for so long..I am going to have a kicka** weekend!!! :D

I ll post the fun I have the next week for sure!!! Yayyy!!! :P