Friday, July 10, 2009

In Love With A Superhero

Know what y'all?
She's in love with a superhero
Ever since he's come into her life
Her problems have zeroed

[Huh?! What worries?]

He's hot, he's cute, he's strong
You should see his muscles sometimes
But now they've been away for long
Still her knight in shining armor shines

[He's wanted for being so dazzling]

He treats her like a Princess
He takes care of all her tensions
He understands when she fesses up
He gives her faith and attentions

[He is so everything]

She's in love with a Superhero
He's got more stealth than Batman
He's even more charming than Zorro
He could beat Batman

[He could give lessons to Edward Cullen]

His heart is so golden
His smile is so heart warming
In front of him, all even turns molten
All madness he gets taming

[He's charm at it's best]

He does things like magic
He is so brainy when he uses his logic
With him nothing is tragic
Thinking about him, she gets so nostalgic

[She misses him but he's always around]

Se snaps back from her reverie
As he talks, she stares at him thinking of his bravery
He is human by the end of the day
But so charming and heroic, the respect never fades away

[He lives with me every moment – in my heart, in my mind… He lives on…]


Hey Aditi,

Congratulations on completing 50 posts! And thanks for letting me write! Hopefully you'll cross many such milestones in blogsville and in real life. God bless you! Have a great wonderful life!