Monday, April 6, 2009

Life mends itself sometimes.....

On one hot sunny day, She was returning home from college, singing aloud in her heart , her list of favourite songs and dutifully window shopping, just when she saw a school class mate standing at the bus stop, she remembered the day she had harshly shouted at him, warned him not to ever talk to her again, embarrassed him in front of her whole class! Why? Because he had developed feelings for her!! She had been rude, but it was her age which was at fault. She had been only 14 then! Now it all came back to her and she felt sorry for this guy, he was obviously no more her friend and she was seeing him after 5 years!!
As she approached him, she made up mind to be cordial with him, she halted and said hi, smiled at him, asked him how he was doing in life, he was obviously taken by surprise, he answered giving her a slight smile. The she said goodbye and started walking again. She was feeling nice that she had repaired something she had never thought she would. Though she did not intend to be friends with him again, she at least had cleared her slate of life! She was nearing home now, a little tired and hungry…the thoughts of what must be cooking at home popped into her mind, and suddenly she heard his voice from behind her. She turned around, he was standing right in front of her, sweaty and panting, breathing heavily. She looked at him totally puzzled, finally he spoke, “Thankyou for talking to me!” He smiled at her and turned around, became invisible in the crowd, she stood there, like a statue, she was totally amused! She walked towards home….with an unfading grin on her face!
Somethings are never forgotten, because they just happen, you dont do them.