Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a copycat!!

Hey People,
I came to a shocking realisation today! My own school mate, my class mate, actually my bench partner at one time had been copying my writing in my blogs!! Word to word, posts to posts, and I was really hurt because what I write is from the bottom of my heart and its about people I love to heights! Someone cant just copy it!
Well all I will say is she used to copy in school, and she copies even now, can you beat that!!
For your reference, I am forwarding all of you the blog she has created, please note that some posts might be her own. But many and I mean many are from my blog!! Also, the dates can be adjusted the way you want them to! I am not angry because someone copied my writing, I am angry because its my life that I have written so lovingly about, and someone just cant snatch it away from me! Here's the link to blog that she has created,http://merinanhipari.blogspot.com/ Those who have been reading my blog, will know what I am talking about. For others, just a piece of information. Just in case you want to refer my blog It is http://readmeout-aditi.blogspot.com/ I dont need to proove anything here, just that I wanted to bring to light her character.
P.S. Arshiya- I have now words for you, next time you do it, I am going to post another article here, so that everyone knows that you are nothing but a cheater.