Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet"

I came across this quote and I saw Aaji Dada‘s image flash in front of me.
My grandparents. A super cool couple. Terrifically romantic. Blissfully enthusiastic. Adventure lovers. They had the energy at the age of 60 that we don’t even dream of having today! They enjoyed their life together, like no one I know.
Firstly, theirs was a love marriage, in the 1950’s it was a great achievement! Their stories of courtship are so cute, I mean there were no telephones, no vehicles (not everyone could afford vehicles then) no mobiles, no internet and yet they had the most magical romance! I mean today without the help of all this can we be romantic enough?? Technology has ruined the essence of romance! When I think about the thousands of times heard stories of their courtship, my belief that we aren’t even half as romantic as them gets stronger and stronger. The attitude with which they did everything was so miraculous!
Can you believe, dada used to accompany aaji to college every single day, not only this, he used to gift a Cadbury to her every time he met her…..I used to ask him, “Every time dada??” and he used to smile and agree! Once, while saying goodbye to aaji, dada gifted her a red rose, they were standing on the first floor corridor of her college, she coyly accepted it, but by mistake dropped it on the pelmet! Dada without a second thought jumped and got it back for her!! I mean in today’s world, a guy would feel embarrassed to do so, or he will be too lazy for this! (Only SRK or Imran Khan can do it in films.)
The balconies of their homes faced each other, and they would wave out to each other secretly with a red kerchief, that was their sign for love. They knew what love was, they knew how to glide in it, they knew how to let go and not be embarrassed.
After their marriage, they travelled so much, almost all of India and a few other destinations. Also every school vacation they would take us on trips. (The gang of grandchildren and also our friends)We used to climb huge mountains together, we used to stop by waterfalls and get drenched, jump in the rivers , enjoy a swim and stay in temple quarters with awesome simple meals. We used to travel by S.T. buses, because they wanted us to learn and explore the true world, not because they couldn’t afford it. They tried their best to show us the world through their eyes.
Theirs was a magical era. I would love to be born in their period and experience things the way they did, amidst tall shady trees, huge courtyards, the days without café coffee days, the days without internet cafes, and the days outside the window instead of inside it.
We have forgotten the real essence of love somewhere. I want to go back and find it.
My aaji dada, a couple who lived each day with passion and gusto!! I know life was easier than it is now (with the increasing population comes the immense competition and blah blah blah!!), but is it so impossible for us to discover the true realm of love and embrace it with an open heart, innocent laughter and secrets which only love knows!