Friday, April 24, 2009


The intention of this post is not to balance my blog after my post about women. Its not something I am trying to make up for...I meant what I had said about women to the core...and I also mean what I have penned in this post.
Few friends had suggested that I write something about men too, but I did not want to do it for the heck of it, so I waited until the words were true and spontaneous.
Hope you all enjoy reading this one too :)


Only he can forget to call her on time
Only he can worship soccer and munch on fatty food late night
Only he can party with friends and reach home midnight
Only he can be careless like he is a child


Only he knows how beautiful she is from inside
Only he knows how to light up her smile
Only he knows when to be patient with her for a while
Only he knows how to handle her cranky moods at times

Only he can love her unconditionally without judging
Only he can try to understand why she picks up a fight :P
Only he knows her secrets hidden deep down inside
Only he knows how to boost her confidence and fill her heart with pride (for herself)

Only he knows what she sacrifices
Only he understands if she fails at times
Only he knows that he cannot be contented without her being around
Only sometimes he fails to let her know this exact same feeling

P.S. If we think beyond his desires to watch soccer, eat extra cheese, forget to call, etc…all we women will see is a very sweet man who is all that I have stated above. Isn’t it?
Also, all the Marathi audiences who are reading this post, please listen to a song by Salil Kulkarni and Sandeep Khare, its called “Nastes ghari tu jevha” It’s a beautiful song which portrays a man’s true and vulnerable love for his wife…it’s a very touching song.