Friday, May 15, 2009

Attempt at Fiction....dont know which number :P

“Mama! Mama!!” little Radha screamed. “Mama, please don’t leave me…please!”
“I cant Radha, I have work to do! You stay here with aunty, you will be fine. I can’t be with you all the time! Don’t make it so difficult everyday!!” Shweta announced in a stern voice. Radha kept screaming and crying. Shweta did not have the time to turn back, she would miss her train!

Two Years Later,

“Bye sweetie!” Shweta smilingly said to her daughter. Radha dutifully said, “Bye Mama!” The next moment Radha was busy playing with her friends. Shweta called again, “Radha dear, stay well, I will come soon to pick you up! We will have ice cream in the evening! What say?”
“Okay Mama!” Radha said, while she was engrossed in dressing her Barbie doll with her friends. Shweta headed for the road, with tears waiting to fall from her eyes, she looked back, but Radha was no where in sight!

As Shweta walked away, she did not care about her train, just wished that her daughter would be a little sad to see her go!

P.S. Its my first attempt, I might be really going wrong :P Your are welcome to criticise!! :)