Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am feeling terrible today. I lost my cell phone for the 4th time in a span of about 8 years. Its my carelessness and nothing else that is to be blamed. I feel a phobia to buy a new cell again. I am so damn scared that I might lose it again!
The very first time, I lost it in an autorikshaw. The second time I lost two cells while traveling in a bus, someone flicked it from my purse! I might have left the side zip open. The fourth cell I lost it last night at Dominos, Sion. I called them but they say that they did not find any cell phone while cleaning the table.

Guys I need your help here!! Please suggest me three things.

1. How to gather courage to buy a new cell?

2. What should be my strategy in buying a new cell?? Should I buy a cheap one so that I don’t feel a financial loss if I lose it again OR should I buy a good cell so that I value it a lot and be utmost careful about it!
3. Innovative ways of using a cell so that I can minimize the chances of forgetting it. My brother just suggested that I should attach it to my bag or hang it around my neck.

I feel awful and extremely foolish for being so careless and lost in my own thoughts that I become totally unaware of the things around me. When Amit is with me he takes care and carries my mobile if I forget. Well, I cannot expect him to be with me all the time!!!!
Ahhhaannn….I feel yuck! I feel so bad…..!!!


P.S. My colleague just called and told me that even she lost her cell for the fourth time last week. Am smiling just a little bit. Just a little.