Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am feeling terrible today. I lost my cell phone for the 4th time in a span of about 8 years. Its my carelessness and nothing else that is to be blamed. I feel a phobia to buy a new cell again. I am so damn scared that I might lose it again!
The very first time, I lost it in an autorikshaw. The second time I lost two cells while traveling in a bus, someone flicked it from my purse! I might have left the side zip open. The fourth cell I lost it last night at Dominos, Sion. I called them but they say that they did not find any cell phone while cleaning the table.

Guys I need your help here!! Please suggest me three things.

1. How to gather courage to buy a new cell?

2. What should be my strategy in buying a new cell?? Should I buy a cheap one so that I don’t feel a financial loss if I lose it again OR should I buy a good cell so that I value it a lot and be utmost careful about it!
3. Innovative ways of using a cell so that I can minimize the chances of forgetting it. My brother just suggested that I should attach it to my bag or hang it around my neck.

I feel awful and extremely foolish for being so careless and lost in my own thoughts that I become totally unaware of the things around me. When Amit is with me he takes care and carries my mobile if I forget. Well, I cannot expect him to be with me all the time!!!!
Ahhhaannn….I feel yuck! I feel so bad…..!!!


P.S. My colleague just called and told me that even she lost her cell for the fourth time last week. Am smiling just a little bit. Just a little.


mayura said...

hey aditi.....its ok 2 make mistakes, but always make new ones not the same is wht our cool manager used 2 say....let this b the new start....

i have also lost 1 cell & i knw how horrid it feels...but theres always a new beginning....

see if these help:
1. How to gather courage to buy a new cell?

Ans: if we dnt buy then who will pay the workers 4 their labor ;). We should help the nedy by buying the cell phone so they get their wages :D.....better!!!

2. What should be my strategy in buying a new cell??
Ans: U shld buy a cheap phone is wht i feel now which will help u get used 2 it....
1stly: it will help u b less tensed....
2ndly: once u get used 2 this 1 ...u get a fancy one....
3rdly: if u really dnt need multimedia ones suffice the needs of having a phone

3. Innovative ways of using a cell so that I can minimize the chances of forgetting it.
1) Use a wallet which has a cell pouch…so if u dnt 4get ur wallet u dnt 4get the cell
2) Attach ur fav dangling 2 it so u love it so much u cant afford 2 loose it
3) Tell ur accompaniments to remind you always when u go to any place or leave…& if they do so u will give them sum perks
4) Keep checking consciously (make it a routine) tell ur mind “U HAVE TO” check before you leave any place for a phone or else the punishment will be something like : the next temptation u have 2 buying sumthing u like u cannot or u will have to walk an extra mile or sumthing….

Guess I have talked enough….hope atleast sum helps 
& yes nthing in this world is impossible….so im sure u can overcome this & go get a new nice phone….give it a kiss & start ur new commencement

All the best!! im sure will not 4get ur cell....

Ria said...

I did lose my cell phone once coz i left it in the cab. But now i m really careful, i never carry it in my hand, i always carry a small purse even if its just for the phone. Also, once u hav lost the phone i m sure u'll be more careful going forward.

Remember never carry it in your hand. And i agree with what Mayura has said above.

Amee said...

Sweets, I know how it feels (My 1st cell was stolen & in 15 days the thief was caught & got my cell back.. pheww... tht was something).. Anyways...
Im currently using 6th handset (sold 2, 2 are lying in my cupboard & 2 im using) havent lost any.. touch wood.. but rightly Mayura said..
Keep it a habit of looking for ur phone .. if not check ur phone - any missed calls from Amit..and kuchi kuchi sms from him or boss calling..
Have friends to send u smses every 30mins.. keep the ringer loud so ..if within 30mins ur phone doesnt ring automatically u will look for it... lols
Dont be low.. its just a phone... thts not ur carelessness.. thts just ur frame of mind was somewhere else n u werent alert. I am sure now u will understand to be alert for stuff around you.
Dont feel bad... Celebrate..time to buy new phone.. I can help you with options.. im a phone freak (i guess thats y i dont lose it )n if u need for tempt use i have 2 Nokia handset..u can use it..

Take care of urself n ur phone :)
Keep smiling.. (not bcoz ur collegue also lost lols) but u look nice..u will feel better...

Aditi..............:) said...


Thanks babe, for the amazing and useful tips ....I surely did like the one where u have suggested ..perks for frnds! thats gona work for me..... :-)
Also am sure i ll begin my bonding with my new fone with a kiss :-*

Aditi..............:) said...


Thanks gurl. Thats a good one, never to carry in your hand! I wont! Promise!

Aditi..............:) said...


Thanks for offering your own fone for temp use sweetie! But currently I am not trusting myself for my own phone..forget using yours!! But I admire your courage!! :-)

I will give you eclairs for asking me about my fone every half an hour!! :-D

Aditi..............:) said...


The colleague am talking bout us Sanika ;-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

umm maybe just keep it in your purse?

Suyog said...

Hey HI !!

First of all i am feeling really for your phone. This time you buy an expensive one, so that you will take good care of it.

I am fine and trying to come back soon, with a nice post. Keep reading SFX.

Hit Wicked said...

1. Be jealous of other's phones. With jealousy comes great courage. ;)
2. Well, losing cheap phone will hurt as much but yes, buy a cheaper phone.Usually, your thief will not be very happy after seeing its cheapness. 3. you can prevent losing it somewhere by putting some alarm in it which goes beep beep every 5 mins so that you can stay alert.

Unknown!!! said...

Hi Aditi,
I know how terrible it feels when we lose things..specially when someone flicks it..
first of all never keep and photo graphs or important information in your mobile phones,
secondly, always has another personal number saved as home so that people like me who find it can call up to that number first..
hey mobile is a buy a new one..dont worry.. u wont lose it again.. depending on your usage buy a mobile..if it is only for calls dont buy a smartphone..
dont wear a watch and always prefer to check time on ur mobile only..

preethi said...

i feel the Pain of losing a mobile..
I have lost 6 of mine :( You are trying to compete with me. Anyways,
My suggestion is to buy a cheapest and ugliest mobile so that we wont feel much for it!

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey All,

Thanks everyone for the innovative suggestions!!! Helped me a lottt!! :-)