Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laws in my life....:)))

Actually I thought of this post due to Vinnie's posts of laws!! I really loved reading those and I realised somethings that happen in my life so often, like the order of it is predecided by a supernatural power!!! Haha....I am sure all of you must be living with such laws too....

1. Just when I get to know that we have just received the movie tickets I have been waiting for, my boss calls me and informs that I have forgotten a task at office and I keep on thinking about it throughout the movie :P

2. Just when I decide to shop something cool, I realise my waist is now 2" more than what I thought it is :P

3. Just when I invite someone for dinner, and start my prep in full swing one day in advance, they inform me that they cant make it.... :P

4. Just when I finally decide what to wear for dinner (after thinking over for an hour ;)) Amit tells me not to wear it...!!

5. Just when I grab a cup of tea and sit in front of my telivision, feeling blessed....there is no signal from the cable guy (I know we have a dish net but cant install it, bucause our land lady feels that the weight of its antenna will make the building go down!!)....damn!

6. Just when I decide not to ever fight with Amit,he says something I cant resist but fight!! :P

7. Just when I am about to send my composed mail, the internet seems to dose off!!

8. Just when I sit to write a post...I go blank!!

9. Just when I read a nice post by some sweet blogger...I feel, damn I could have written about this! :P

10. Just when I feel happy that my birthday is nearing, I feel a knot in my stomach....I always wanted to remain 18 you see :P

Hey all, You can share your laws of life too...its so much fun to write them and read too!! :))