Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life is an irony :)

I am saturated today. I will have to write, scribble, and mumble something with my blog today. Otherwise I won’t be able to think a thing! It’s been a roller coaster ride for me all these months. Initially when I shifted to Mumbai I was all excited, happy and eagerly waiting for the fun to begin, for the parties to rock, for the dance to start and for the music to never end….then I settled. I realized its not always fun! I had to look for a job, which I had thought was going to be as easy as waking up in the morning! Well I was proved wrong! That phase of my life was really bad. Family and friends told me to give it some time, enjoy my vacant time, relax and have some fun, but all I was thinking was, I will never find a job, I will end up sitting home all my life, that we should not have shifted, that our life was so perfect in Chennai, that everything had ruined, etc. then one day I found a job suitable to my experience and profile. I was happy, thought how stupid I was to think of such extremes earlier. I was excited that finally my routine will start; I will not waste my days doing nothing productive, watching TV, lazing around with no motive. My ambitious side popped its hood the highest; I was raring to go, to join office, to start working, to set my life on track again.
I have joined more than a month back. Now I am busy as hell, with household chores, office work, and my brother is getting married in 12 days from now, so totally busy with that too. Merely 3 days of leave I can manage to get as it’s a “new job”. I don’t have time to breathe and so I am wondering about life more than ever. How at one point it gives you all the time in the world to relax, rejoice and analyze yourself but you don’t want it at that time….when you want it really bad it growls back at you and says, “When I offered you the time you wanted, you didn’t utilize it. Now don’t sulk!! “ ! It’s such an irony. Isn’t’ it? :) :) :)