Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am tagged.....10 things about myself...

I am tagged by Ms. R!! Thanks dear!!I especially loved this tag because its giving me an opportunity to think about myself (which i rarely do!) I would love to share with you all, one little piece of something! Have you seen the movie "Nannies Diaries"?? Well if you have you will know what I am talking bout, if you it!
There is one scene in this movie, where Annie (the main character)in midst of an interview realises that she doesnt know who she really is, apart from the the basics which even others know about her, she hardly knows anything about herself!!
I mean how many of us, really know ourselves very well?? Most of the times, we know ourselves through other's opinion. Sometimes we love something others say about us, so we believe times we hate what others say or think about us so we keep wondering if we are really like that?? But do we know ourselves implicitly?? Can we ignore (actually ignore) what others think about us??
Anyways, I dont want to jhadofy philosophy I better begin with the tag!!

1. I am an emotional fool.I hate it.(I am trying to change it too!! )

2. I love to pamper my loved ones. I do that very often!

3. I am a cry baby.

4. I love driving cars and riding my scooty!

5. I love to read. Nothing in particular, I like different things at different times!

6. I love Italian food.

7. I Love blogging very much.

8. I want to become a successful business woman someday.

9. My dream is to buy a nice sweet cottage in Scotland, live there amidst beautiful chirping birds and lush green trees, and eat delicious meals and deserts cooked by my imaginary old sweet cook!!

10. I am a good cook myself!! :)

Now, time to tag someone! I tag everyone who will enjoy writing about themselves....whoever wants to be tagged!! :)