Friday, July 17, 2009

I am Going Home - I am interupting the guest posts!!

I am elated right now, because I am going back to my home. I have lived in Chennai for almost 2 years now, but this above mentioned quote I guess describes the long and short of it. I have liked this city for its goodness. But I have never stopped missing my hometown. Not also for a single bit of moment.
I came here, with countless dreams in my heart and a little fear in my mind. I never knew how this city, the people would treat me. I met some really good people, who helped me, who supported me, who guided me. But I always found something missing. I always missed friends more than anything. I never had a group of girlfriends here, whom I could share my everyday stuff with. I was used to it back in Mumbai. I had so many friends. Here I had only Amit. I had no life apart from work and home. No hanging out with the gang, no evenings to meet friends, no fun actually. We created fun with whatever resources we had!! But it was never enough. We mostly cribbed, and then moved on, because there was no option. But now I do have an option. I am taking it up!
I am going back to my own land, where people speak the same language as I do, they eat the same food that I do, they watch the same movies that I do, they listen to the same music that I do….where people know me inside out…where I can be myself…without any compromises…any obstacles….I can live among people who understand me….
I am so relieved…..really. I can’t express in words. It’s not like Chennai is not a good place to live in. But it’s good only if you can speak Tamil, if you can eat rice all the time, you can enjoy tollywood movies……etc…
I could not manage any of it! But I have decided something amazing to do. I am going to click loads of photos that reflect the essence of this peaceful serene city. I have no complains….I am going to miss my home here….It was the very first home after our marriage ….I know I am not going to find a home even closer to this one in Mumbai….this house will always remain special ….not because it was big... not because of 24 hours water...not because of "no load shedding"...not because it was in a chic location, not because it had an open to sky balcony….…..….only because it was our very own first home!
My next post will have only photographs, of some of the things that I observed in this city, some amusing, some really funny, some sweet……watch out for more...