Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ghanjini - a downfall of Aamir khan

Finally I saw Ghajini, we really struggled to get the tickets, watched the movie from the first row!!But I was totally disappointed with the movie. I mean I adore Aamir Khan to death but that’s only because he is a thinking actor and not just because he is charmingly handsome. I couldn’t believe the loop holes in the movie were actually overlooked by our very own Aamir!!
I have seen memento twice, because it is so intelligently made, it took me real good time to understand every bit of detailing. Well its stupidity to even compare Memento with Ghajini.
Firstly, though I agree Aamir as an actor has performed very well as Sanjay Singhania, but throughout the film I felt like he had no real connection with any of the other characters in the film, for that matter even with kalpana, their chemistry is incomplete, their love is too kiddish & immature. Also very stupid! For example, kalpana calls Sachin aka Sanjay Singhania before he is supposed to leave for his Gaon, at 1. 00 am, she stands in the middle of some road next to her pink scooty with 1 lac 35 thousand in her bag! He meets her, they have their moment, he is so overwhelmed that he forgets to drop her till her door, looking at the dark night he obviously should! Forget dropping her, he doesn’t even hug her; they are a couple for God’s sake and are going to be apart for 10 days! Such detailing is expected from Aamir Khan. Secondly, if Sanjay Sighania can buy her a lavish apartment and gift it to her by tricking her, cant he make an arrangement for her to travel to Goa?? He travels to London in his private Jet while she has to board an empty train in the middle of the night, doesn’t he have a heart to ask her how she is travelling!!! When Ghajini ruthlessly kills (typically South style) Kalpana, he doesn’t ensure the death of Sanjay Singhania, leaves him alive, so that this movie could have been made!! LOL! Sanjay Singhania is not known by anyone, but still he is as rich as the Tatas or the Ambanis, what a shame! There are uncountable flaws like this in this Aamir starrer movie! I would have rather liked it more if it was a SRK or an Akshay Kumar movie, you know why! But Aamir…nah!!! Especially after TZP, it’s a total downfall for him!!
I don’t know why but there is nothing good about the movie that I can think of!! The songs are good, but could have been better! Asin is beautiful but at times overacts, or maybe her character is kinda too much excited all the time! Anybody could have replaced Jiah Khan. The vilian of the movie, I would rather remember him as Sultan in Sarfarosh, and not Ghajini. I would ask Aamir to make a great movie with his thinking brain so that it helps his fans to forget that he ever made such a stupid movie!
Aamir I love you but I am not dumb, you see!