Friday, April 17, 2009

You can't free a bird if it ain't gonna fly. You can't live a life if you don't ask "Why?"

I know this post of mine, might be a bit too strong about my views and it might not be "okay" with certain people. But I really dont intend to hurt anyone's feelings at all, I just want to know an answer to my question.

The temple opposite my home, conducts a maha-aarti 4 times a day. Each one continues for about 15 minutes. They ring a huge bell which creates a loud sound of "Tang, Tang, Tang...!!" continuously while they do the aarti.

When this particular bell rings, I feel sorry for the Gods/ Godesses idols inside the temple. I mean, they must be confused....also a little irritated!
I dont want to hurt anyone's setiments here, but these things should have a reasoning, maybe they had a significance in the olden times when they had no watches and the only signal everyone had about the Maha- aarti was the bell's sound. But now in this era too, we go ahead with such so called traditions, creating noise pollution. One hour daily is something!!

I am a hindu. As a child I loved to be held high in my father's arms to ring the bell, whenever i visited a temple. At that age it was fun. But, as a grown up I have a question here folks, why do we ring a bell when we go the the temple?? . I mean do we intend to announce to the idols of God/Godesses that we have arrived to pay our respects! Cant that be silently done. God knows everything, right?

Hinduism is all about meditation, peaceful living, sound of OM, which is totally soothing and mesmerising. Its surely not about creating noise as if to shout out to the God and say, "Look I am praying, Please bless me with Money/ Job/ House, etc..."

(P.S. - Today we are being constantly reminded about increasing noise pollution, isnt this also contributing to the same? Just because its Godly, we dont point out at it?)