Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Hair Cut....New Life!

I had a new haircut and that made me realize that being a woman is so simple at times. My stagnant life has acquired a new vibrancy. My boring dull days have changed into happy fun filled ones. My attitude has totally changed from “not sure about anything” to “Lets make it happen”. All this, only due to a new haircut……I know that this can only happen to a girl! LOL!
So here is a post which shouts out loud to every girl who is suffering from a typical syndrome (common with women: P) which makes you upset with yourself for no good reason, don’t worry just go to a nice salon and get a new haircut, experiment a little. I bet you will start loving wearing pink again, eating ice cream without wondering about the calorie count, relishing on chocolates when no one is watching you, shopping for the exact same shade of a dress you dreamt of last night!!
Generally our confidence level is directly proportional to how we look and feel about ourselves. Ones everything is perfect….we can paint the town red!