Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Raising a toast....for the 50th post!! :)

I am on my 49th post, it feels really nice. I started blogging about 1 and a half year back, I used to write in my diary ealrier ...but then one of my friend introduced me to this amazing concept and I got hooked on to it. Initially I used to write rarely, but now that I have so many blogger friends I feel motivated to write more. I feel so good to express something here...so far no one has judged me or tried to give unwanted advice. All of you readers have been great friends. Some times in life, you know you wont be able to talk it out..thats when writing helps. Blogging is a wonderful habbit that I am used to now, and I never ever want to give up on it...at times, I might be busy and write less...at times I might be writing continuously!! But I will keep it going, because I really enjoy it. Thanks to the whole Blospot team, who make it so userfriendly and most importantly free!
But also, I am not so much into technicalities, so frankly speaking I dont even know how to post a name of a person which can lead to their blog :P I will learn it eventually. LOLz..
To celebrate my 50th post, I am going to invite a few blogger friends to post on my blog, anything that they feel about the blog or maybe nothing related to the blog...I hope you all will have fun reading those guest posts...

On this ocassion I would like to thank each and everyone who has commented on my blog and encouraged me to write more, at times disagreed with my posts and shared it frankly....love ya all!!
So do read the guests posts and leave your comments on the same....you all mean a lot to my blog and me!! :)