Friday, June 19, 2009

My Dad Bestest!!!

It’s also father’s day on my birthday this year!!! So how could I miss out on such a special occasion of writing something about my father!! I have always been gifting my mom, but dad I haven’t gifted that much, because he was away most times. When ever he was with us, we would do something special…
I remember one time, dad was coming home after a year I, my mom and my brother had renovated the whole house in 3 days…that’s it! We had changed wall papers; brought new bed sheets…table cloths…etc! He is very fond of all this, I mean he loves to have a beautiful house, also extremely clean and organized!!  Sometimes it’s hard for us to cope with this…but it’s amusing!
He has always been a guide, he never taught us anything, explained us the right things in the form of stories, even today if he wants to convey something to me, he puts it in a story and says it. He addresses us as his diamonds, in every single mail...and I love it! : P
He never said “no” to anything we wanted, once I was in a shop with mom and dad and we were actually shopping for my mom, but I (as usual) fell in love with this beautiful dress and I expressed it to them, with an expression as if I was okay even they didn’t buy it for me!! My mom doesn’t generally fall prey to my tricks, so she was very clear not to buy it for me….she knew I would not use it…..she knew me….and she was actually right, I dint need to buy anything actually. So we finally did not buy it, poor mom also did not buy anything for her! But then dad was observing me…my crooked face and fake maturity….so he just smiled at me and drove back to that shop and bought it for me!! My mom also laughed her heart out, when she looked at my pleased face!! :P
I haven’t seen a person who is
More Generous than him
More patient than him
More loving than him
More principled than him
More dedicated than him
He has beenan ideal son to my grandparents…they wouldn’t agree more too! Of course he is the best dad in the whole world!!! I love him so much and he is going to get two gifts, one of them too special….my mom is visiting him in Lagos this weekend …she will there for three whole months…..also we have sent a gift for him…..wont disclose now, he reads my blogs!! 
Love you baba….too much….more than you will ever know!