Monday, June 28, 2010

The “Whys” of my life!

I can never understand why…

….Concentrating on nine hours of office work becomes highly impossible at times ….I want to spread my wings more than I am allowed to?

….On an extremely busy day I list in my mind innumerable things I will do when I get some free time….but can remember none when I am free?

….I crave for something which is so far away, and when I get it I am not as happy as I thought I would be?

…..I feel it’s always too late for some stuff in life and too early for some and so miss out on a lot of things?

….I become so impatient when the wait is almost over and ruin the fun a little?

….I keep thinking and thinking so that I can make a right decision, but end up depending on someone else?

….I care a little too much for some things and care too little for some, realizing later that it should have been reverse?

….Its so difficult to be “me” at times?