Monday, December 10, 2007

Its Life….

It’s been so long since I have written something and my mind is restless to pen down its newest experiences again…. :) So here I am!
I am married…’s easy to say and tell everyone…“I got married…” …or “I have shifted to Chennai post marriage!” sporting a broad smile on my face…..“ I got a transfer from my Mumbai Office, so it’s really nice….!”
But when it comes to living it day in and out, it isn’t a cake walk! Though I am enjoying every bit of married life and it’s lovely to see my dreams coming into picture yet it’s difficult when you have to live, in an altogether different atmosphere…..
With the pluses of goodies come the minuses of homesickness! I had never imagined that my life will change completely…….rather it actually won’t be the same ever!!
In Chennai …in my dream house which I share with Amit I am having a ball….but outside when I am without him, I realize I don’t have a life of my own, I have to make one! I will have to change the faces of strangers into familiar faces! I will have to make the unknown streets my own…..I will have to do all sorts of actions in a shop even to buy a potato smasher! Making friends at office will seem a distant possibility. I will have to sit dumbly while they crack jokes and chit chat in their own language which I cant even make an effort to understand….forget learning! Funny though it is, it is also upsetting….
I tend to miss my life back then even more when all this gets on to me! The days when office life was fun, shopping was easier; streets were my own….in totality life was smooth!
Life is full of surprises….how true it is! It can take you to a place where you never thought you would have to go. It can make you do things you never ever dreamt of! But if you accept every experience as a learning one, and take it in a right spirit then life becomes much better.
For sure you need someone to share your difficulties with, to understand your psychology, to help you be what you were before and turn your difficulties into possibilities….I am thankful I have Amit.