Monday, October 1, 2007

........Thank You.........

Thank you all for your cheering and inspiring comments on my very first blog.
It feels great to be appreciated by friends! So heres something more that I have penned down…..again about something we all feel universally about….. our experiences being different, undoubtedly!

It’s just unbelievable how our mind works. It can take you back to your childhood and also travel with you to your desirable future!
Just a few days back, I was sitting by the window looking at the road. I spotted a bunch of teenage folks passing by. [I consider myself elder to them by great effort though:)]They were so lost in themselves, laughing on jokes which only they understood, teasing each other with some wacky names, roaming around as if they had all the time in the world! I suddenly felt an urge to behave the same way as them. My mind went back to my college days……and I found myself peeping in those times.
My college had an old world charm…..J.J. School Of Art. The massive stone building, the porch where we spent half of the day giggling and gossiping, the old benches sitting on which we evolved as designers, everything was picture perfect! The road which led to the huge stone structure of our college had trees shielding it from both sides giving coolness to the entire atmosphere. Intriguing sculptures of legendry artists were displayed around the college campus!
The steaming cutting chay and dosa with the watery sambar from the canteen, bunking college for movies, escaping early from college to shop dutifully at the fashion street, not sleeping night after night for finishing college assignments , flaunting false daring in not completing the assignment and then crying in front of the professor for few days extension, the ever rising tension when exams encroached near, the confused yet consoling faces on the day of the result, the overwhelming feeling on the last day, promising each other that even if we don’t stay in touch we will invite each other for our weddings undeniably!! Oh Yes!!
That thought brought me back to my senses, how could I have forgotten promises made so loyally! My wedding is just a month away, I have to find my friends, whom I have lost touch with. Invite them for my wedding without fail!!
Those carefree bunch of teenagers had actually helped me recollect my wonderful past which I had carelessly forgotten.
That’s why I feel……our mind is powerful yet subdued, its vulnerable yet strong, its lost yet found………..isn’t it?