Monday, April 13, 2009


I generally dont watch reality shows, but when it comes to Dance India Dance on Zee Tv, I watch it whenever I get the chance and the time! Just day before yesterday I watched this amazing performance of Khushboo and Salman, they performed as handicaps, one of her leg was folded and tied up and one of his hand was tucked and tied inside his tshirt. They danced flawlessly. To watch them was too overwhelming, not just because it was a beautiful performance, but because the deep harsh reality of life was also portrayed strongly!
So, I want to write a post about a boy I met some months ago. My father in law was admitted to a hospital, while visiting him, I met a 20 year old boy, his name was Ramiz, he had met with a terrible accident. He worked in Mac donalds, in Mumbai and lived in Mumbra. While travelling home one day, he fell off from the racing local train and lost both his arms. Mostly he was on sedatives to stop the sensation of pain which he would continuously feel, but when he used to be awake and fortunately without any pain, I and Amit would chat with him, he spoke with so much confidence and conviction, that we would be totally amazed! One day we asked him what he loved to eat the most, with bright smile on his face and candid words spilling out from his mouth, he announced, "Maharaja Mac Chicken Burger!!" We all laughed together looking at him, and then told him that the next day we would gift him the same for lunch, he was elated and agreed!
When we gave him the burger the following day, his father obligingly smiled at us. Then opened it and fed his son lovingly. We wanted to pamper him more, nothing we did was enough for his inspiring soul.
Before saying goodbye to Ramiz, Amit gave him his visiting card and told him to call anytime he needed anything, he agreed and beamed.
We never got his call, he had his self respect in place though in most people's eyes he was very much pitied. I will never forget him. He taught me a lot, whitout even knowing it himself.
Thankyou Ramiz. May god bless you!!