Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A matter of difference

In this world, when the urban living is all about equality between a man and a woman, I would like to underline the difference between a man and a woman,
Isn’t she too special to be called an equal :P?
I mean, she can be a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a wife…all at the exact same time. We all know he is all that too, but well, can he be all that at one time! No!! He will escape it and instead say, “I need some time alone please! “ :P

She works as a top management official in an MNC, but she never forgets to call her son to check if he has had his lunch on time. He instead knows his wife is taking care of everything…he just need not bother!

She is at home, tending to her in laws, attending regular guests, serving them snacks and tea, looking after her kids, their studies, their health, their food, he is there, he loves her, but he can live without thinking about all this because his wife is taking care of everything!

She is just married, ambitious, successful and smart. She has returned from office, exhausted and hungry. But still she has the love and the energy to make a nice meal (moreover what her husband likes) for both of them, no doubt he can take her out to dine or help her in the kitchen, but can he take charge and let her rest? Can he manage to cook the whole meal after his hard day at work….every single day? Instead he just knows she is there, to take care of everything.

There is a huge difference, between how a man thinks and how a woman thinks…’s only a wonder how she takes care of so many people around her, and manages to keep all of them happy. She forgets her happiness in the process, but smiles through it all. A woman takes care of your emotional needs ….
In a wife, hides a mother.
In a mother, hides a friend.
In a friend, hides a sister.
She is more than words can explain. She is a woman.
I am not saying that men are not capable, but it’s just that they don’t have it in them….maybe god wanted it that way…
My message to all the men who know such magical women is ...

Tell them how special they are...
Express yourself…
Don’t bottle up your feelings in your heart thinking there is no need for it to be told…
Say it aloud instead!
Say it again and again…is there any harm in it?
All you can do for her is this!
She will take care of everything else! Isn’t it?