Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wake Up!!

I always end up thinking about the missing ingredient which will bring magic to my life. Make it more alive. Today while chatting with a friend I realized that it is nothing but sheer lack of dedication and determination in my life. I have become very lazy and lethargic and I need to change that. I crib about my chubby face, I complain about my stomach flab, I get irritated about my headache, but never do anything about it.
At some point in time I do feel motivated and enthusiastic but then it’s too short-lived to even talk about.

I give up on myself too soon. I leave it half way too often. It’s high time I give myself a punch and make myself aware that life has more to offer than I am taking from it.

I need to target a goal now, as it is rightly said in the movie “Lakshya”, there has to be a goal in life, otherwise you drift away, you drift apart from everything.
I have decided that I will not complain about things that are not in my hand; I will do my thing and relax.

I have to give my life what it deserves if I am demanding from it. I have to take efforts if I want to look gorgeous. I have to start if I want it to begin. I have to smile if I want to be happy. I have to be disciplined if I want to enjoy.

Here’s a post to the new “me”. I will take charge of my life now. I am going to start loving myself like never before. I want to fall in love again, with myself. Because I am worth it!