Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life and Adjectives

Office was buzzing with voices of my colleagues and vendors who had come for some discussion. There is this guy, a carpet vendor; he is a typical marketing guy. Always remembers everyone’s name, always smiling and always trying to persuade everyone and anyone that his carpets are the best in the business. A very jolly kind of a character, we all start smiling when we see him entering the office. His voice is loud and strong and so we all instantly come to know that he has come!! Today, my colleague was trying to achieve a certain rate with him, this guy as usual was polite yet stubborn, and he was smiling yet witty. My colleague, irritated a little by his attitude, frowned and said, “Don’t use these adjectives, your adjectives are not going to get me convinced!” this guy replied instantly, “Oh…No Sir, adjectives make life interesting! How could I not use them!” and smiled hard again! My colleague finally couldn’t help but smile too!
But his statement made me write this post, it struck me so much! Isn’t it true? Adjectives make our life interesting!! We can make our life happier than it is by adjectives, we can make it lousy than it actually is, by adjectives. We express our feelings with adjectives; we disagree with someone with adjectives. Our blogs are all about adjectivating :P
For eg. If I want to say, “I am bored!” I would rather say, “I am incredibly bored!!” and that would reach out to everyone quickly!
If I want to express happiness, instead of merely saying I am happy, I would say, “I am ecstatically happy!!”
We all do that…..right! Our life has become vibrant and happening only because of these adjectives….lol..
Toh yeh post unn adjectives ke naam!!! :P