Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Marriage Stories - The egg shell breaks!

I am going to write funny and emotional incidences of my marriage in a label on my blog called “My Marriage Stories”. The first post from the label is here for you all to read!

When Amit & I started courting, I had immediately informed my family about it because I was very sure that he was the one I was going to marry. But in Amit’s case he had not even given any hint to his, for unknown reasons (known to him) Finally after a year of persuasion I convinced him to enlighten his parents about us. By then he was very well acquainted with my family but I wasn’t to his. So when he finally told his parents, my mom (my dad use to be in Dubai then) and I were invited to their home for the official first meeting!
That’s when this funny incident took place. Our household believes in using new crockery every one or maximum two (in extremely rare cases) years. Because it either breaks or we lose it. But mostly it breaks. And we are pretty much fine with that! At least we get to use what would otherwise be saved for some special occasion which is almost hypothetical!
When we arrived at Amit’s house, Amit’s mom and granny welcomed us. Amit stood behind smiling mischievously. I winked at him and he froze. We all began talking generally about topics which weren’t even remotely related to us, but that’s what happens when families in such situations meet for the first time. After a while of chatting, his mom brought us snacks and lemonade. We thanked for the delicious food, we insisted that they also have it with us. But his mom said that they would have it later. Amit agreed to have it with us. Then an awkward silence suddenly replaced the chitchat, so my mom breaking the silence smilingly said, “Wonderful Glasses, so delicate!?” My mother in- law beamed as if it was the most favourite topic to be brought up! She exclaimed, “These were gifted to me by my Mama in my wedding!” Amit’s granny joined in, “And these dishes are thirty three years old!” My mom and I looked at each other with total amazement and shock. I all of a sudden realized I was the most unsuited daughter in law for them. I gulped. My mom replied, “Hats off to you both, really commendable! They are really beautiful” I chose not to say anything. I was utterly speechless. After I had finished my food, I asked Amit the way to the hand wash and got up. I proceeded toward the basin to wash my hands and just then my to be (or not to be) mother in-law screamed, “Oh ….my glasses!!” I looked behind to see my dupatta (heavy due to the embroidery work on it) on the brim of the two glasses. They obviously could have broken due to my carelessness! But thankfully they didn’t and I managed to pull of my dupatta successfully! But my mother in law almost had a minor heart attack. She had been preserving her glasses for so many years and I come in one day, introduce myself to be her daughter in law and leave, after breaking then!!
To my disbelief she still accepted me. Amit and I got married three years ago after courting for almost 5 years.