Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

Today morning I skipped office and decided to laze around at home.
Most naturally I switched on the T.V. hoping that a good movie features on HBO and I got hooked on to ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. I was totally amazed by the movie.
It is so subtly and carefully crafted movie.
Meg Ryan at her best. She is lovely, smart & foolish at the same time.
Tom Hanks as always, too perfect to be true, yet predictably ordinary! I adore him to death!
The movie is not too great with the story or the dialogues, but it takes you away with it.
The song , “Togther like a wink and a smile” in the background keeps you almost numb and surely leaves you with moist eyes.
I loved the movie....actually its also got the typical hindi film kind of flavour to it too.... a remake of it would be a super hit ....Aamir & Vidya Balan would give justice to the roles I guess....what say folks...? Wish I had some money...I would make the movie....lolzz....
Well.....all I will say is....Go watch if you havent!