Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

Today morning I skipped office and decided to laze around at home.
Most naturally I switched on the T.V. hoping that a good movie features on HBO and I got hooked on to ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. I was totally amazed by the movie.
It is so subtly and carefully crafted movie.
Meg Ryan at her best. She is lovely, smart & foolish at the same time.
Tom Hanks as always, too perfect to be true, yet predictably ordinary! I adore him to death!
The movie is not too great with the story or the dialogues, but it takes you away with it.
The song , “Togther like a wink and a smile” in the background keeps you almost numb and surely leaves you with moist eyes.
I loved the movie....actually its also got the typical hindi film kind of flavour to it too.... a remake of it would be a super hit ....Aamir & Vidya Balan would give justice to the roles I guess....what say folks...? Wish I had some money...I would make the movie....lolzz....
Well.....all I will say is....Go watch if you havent!


nihit said...

i know..
the movie is totally simple and yet interesting...
btw...if u have the money in future, please produce the movie, take me as the director and then,
i'll take u as my assit...hahaha

Sneha said...

hey, haven't they already made one? remove the college days from kuch kuch hota hai, and you'll get sleepless in seattle!

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey no way dear....maybe they have taken bits n pieces....but the movie is altogether different...:)
In sleepless in Seattle they havent even met.....still Anna gets attracted to this guy who is so far away from Kuch Kuch hota hai...they have been best friends to me its very different except that the little child makes it happen in SIS and in KKHH also this girl makes it happen!

Aneeket said...

u skipped office and watched a movie! I love that idea... I am going to call in sick one of these days and do exactly that... ;)

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