Friday, December 24, 2010

Discover yourself !

I was sick for a couple of days ….some cold and a little fever…the usual! I had taken an off and was home wrapped in my favourite stole cum quilt my father has gifted me. The day was pretty much boring due to my shabby looking appearance and also the cold which was troubling me. The house was in a huge mess because my maid has quit and I did not have the energy to do anything by myself. That was one more thing which was depressing me! I was watching surfing the channels on the television without any clue of what I really wanted to watch….after some time I lost interest in the television too and an idea lit my mind. I realized that I had real good treasure in my house which I had ignored for a while now. Amit had gifted me a drawing book, colours, pencils, brushes, etc. on the first Valentines Day after marriage and I had been putting painting off for a while now. I never prioritized it actually and that’s why the book was never used! Shame on me! I opened it all and decided to paint. But this motivation of painting was planted in me by a dear friend some days ago. So it had been on my mind for a while…I just had to make myself do it. I cleared the dining table. And arranged all the things I would need on it. I downloaded a nice landscape image and used it as a reference. The next two hours of my life were bliss! I enjoyed every minute of it. I was so much engrossed in it and was doing it with my whole heart….the result was pretty satisfying (it was least expected!) I was rejuvenated.
I was literally pleased with myself and really thankful to my friend I mentioned about earlier. (She is one amazing artist herself)

(My Painting)

Just wanted to write about it and spread the message to everyone….do something you really love doing…which is long forgotten….something you always desired …but never prioritized ….before this year ends……welcome this new year with a zest to keep doing something you think you have forgotten…only till you do it once more…and discover yourself all over again..