Tuesday, August 31, 2010


When I declared to my mom that Amit had proposed to me, I was merely 19 years old. My closeness to parents surprises Amit till date. So you can imagine what Amit must have been through when I informed him that my parents knew he had proposed. I of course didn’t say the big “Yes” word to him after my parents consent. I said it because I wanted to. It’s just that I wanted them to be part of this big decision of my life. They told me only one thing. Think very seriously before taking any decision because it is going to shape your life.
Amit on the other hand had proposed to me with a feeling which meant, “I like her a lot right now, we will see how it goes!” but I interpreted it like this, “I love you so much! You are the one I would want to marry someday?”
He was very angry and upset because I had been very stupid to have told it to my parents according to him. I apologized and told him that it’s okay….and he stared at me in disbelief!
Well, to add to this drama, we friends had planned to meet like we always did. Most times it used to be my house. Because my house was centrally located, with a big courtyard and a swing which was everyone’s favourite! But this time was hugely different than other times. Amit was not ready to come; he was too embarrassed to face my parents. He was still mad at me, but I refused to understand the gravity of it which stuck in his mind. The friends as usual wanted to have some fun, so even they insisted that we meet at my place! No one was supporting him…poor guy!
Finally the day arrived; I had insisted that my mom treat Amit like any other friend and not address him specially. She had agreed. Even she knew at some level that we both were pretty young to hold a responsibility on our head. My friends came, Amit was suppose to reach a little late due to his class and he hated it even more because he knew he would be stared at, laughed at, teased when he showed up alone and not in a group!
While we chatted, the door bell rang; I had warned everyone not to embarrass him. When I opened the door he was standing very cutely with a sack on his shoulders and a forced smile on his face. I smiled back and stepped aside as he entered. My mother wasn’t in the room to his fortune. He sat on the sofa and everyone burst out laughing. He joined in somehow without much choice. I gave him some water and he became a little comfortable. My mom was busy in the kitchen making snacks for everyone. When she came out to serve she purposely did not acknowledge Amit separately. Amit was relieved. As she offered everyone, Amit told her that he had already ate something an hour back and he wasn’t hungry. So she took the plate back in the kitchen. That’s when everyone began bullying him. They shouted in togetherness, “Aunty, let him eat with us. You have to serve him. Hum log nahi bhi khayein toh chalega, he has to eat….isn’t it.!!” Aunty aap bolo usko toh khaega woh!”
My mother joined in the fun. She brought the plate out with a little more than everyone else in one plate and handed over to Amit. He obviously had no option but to take it. As he did, everyone shouted again! “Dekha aunty, abhi toh aapki har baat manega, hone wala damaad jo hai!!”
At that point everyone laughed till their stomach ached. To my surprise Amit joined in. He was not embarrassed to face my mother anymore! That’s when I thanked my friends in my heart secretly. I also knew that come what may Amit & I are going to be friends forever!