Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Rainbow effect

It is always heard and said that one should live only in the present. Not ponder over the past or worry about the future. But I believe that some memories of the past are like a rainbow. A rainbow shines colourfully in the sky even when it is sunny and rainy at the same time. Some sweet and sour memories also act as a rainbow in our life. When we are facing new challenges in life, these memories make us smile, assure us that beautiful things do happen too. They give us the hope, place a hand of faith on our shoulder and smoothen the hard realities of life. Such memories should always be remembered. Not only remembered but talked about too. They recreate laughter. They bring back some long lost smiles. Mainly they help us connect to our younger, cooler, carefree version. I always love and cherish the details of such awesome time of the past and that is one main reason behind writing the posts that I do. Tomorrow if I am unable to recollect those, I just need to read my posts and it will all play itself like a video. The times of childhood when Sanket and I fought like crazy demons, when my mom yelled at me for not waking up on time and then skipping breakfast, when my grandfather gifted me my first wrist watch for completing my school, when my grandmother taught me sanskrit shlokas and recited them with me till I could pronounce with accurate precision, when I noticed I was growing up because I no more fought with my dear brother, instead became extremely protective towards him, when I was a helping hand to my mother instead of a troublemaker. The times of adolscence when you were first stared at, or when you liked someone like crazy, when you were teased in school over it by your girlfriends, when you behaved bizzarely but it felt right, when you shared one wada pav with a friend because you did not have enough money, when you let go off a few buses just to get one look of someone special, when you stuck posters of your innumerable heart throbs on your cupboard without caring about spoiling the look of your room, when you behaved like the sky iS falling down on the day your crush got married to someone else, when you imagined fairy tales, made them your own and believed all of it would be true some day! Some memories dont have a photograph to be proven or recreated. They just exist in our mind and heart. You can make them come alive by calling up the person you lived the memory with. Reminiscing the times with that person can be such a stress buster. If the past can give you pleasure and peace then hold it fiercely and remember it in detail. It will always give you the much needed rainbow effect in life. Its up to you how you look at such memories, you always have a choice to change your perspective. You can let them make you regret or make you grin. I choose the latter. What would you choose?

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