Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finding love

What a feeling it is to be reminded by the husband about our engagement anniversary!! (For a change) because generally this is what women are famous for! Twelve years of courtship. Eight years since getting engaged. Seven years married in a couple of days. When Amit messaged me today to remind me that it is our engagement anniversary I beamed because he remembered. I had not forgotten about it but had missed out on mentioning it to him. Now I am glad I missed. Its not like you love each other more on such special occasions and otherwise love less. It is such days that gift you a joy ride of the wonderfully shared moments that have passed by like a breeze. Each one of us has a cute little story about their relationship and marriage. Every story has friends who helped, parents who supported or some who did not, some strangers that made a difference and some relatives who messed it up! This post is my way of highlighting those fabulous beings who made our relationship happen! First and foremost ...Amit. If he had not messaged me one fine day on my mobile this would not have even begun. Secondly our friend Gullu who suggested Amit to message me causally (Dont know what he was thinking! :) ) That first message was the beginning of our beautiful courtship, the chat was continuous for a couple of months. Then the official proposal happened. I remember telling my parents about it. They were extremely supportive and believed in my choice (without knowing much about Amit and that I was only nineteen then...i dont know how they found the courage to do it!) Gradually Amit became a known face to my cousins too. But my dad was still away. When he arrived months later he even got a new mobile phone for Amit (without meeting him in person). I simply cannot be more grateful to my parents who effortlessly considered him as their son rather than an outsider. Sanket my little brother was a huge help! He would be the peacemaker when I reached home late. He would be my partner in crime. He has saved me innumerable times! ;) Finally when Amit broke the news to his folks, they were equally happy to accept me. (I already have written a post in remembrance of a funny incident that happened when I first met his family) After all the ups and downs like in any relationship we got engaged once Amit got a job and then a year later we married.(less to Amit's amusement and more to my happiness) We have moved so many places, lived in so many houses, shared so many varied experiences...but one thing has always remained constant and that is love. We always found it. Even after a fuming arguement or a silent war, we did find love at the end of it. Now that Evan is the centre of attraction our love has grown manifold. Wishing you a very happy anniversary Amit. Many more to come! Love you.

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H R said...

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امروزه در تمام دنیا ویزیتور ها که به‌عنوان نماینده فروش یک شرکت درتمام روزها و با توجه به نوع کالا جهت متقاعد کردن خریدار اقدام به دریافت سفارش می‌کردن جای خود را به دنیایی اینترنت و سایت های حرفه ای داده اند یک شرکت با طراحی سایت مناسب و سئو سايت حرفه ای رشد زیادی در بازاریابی کرده است.

امکان معرفی شرکت در تمام دنیا

شرکت ها با طراحی سایت و سئو می توانند تجارت خود را در تمام جهان توسعه داده و از رقبای خود در زمینه ای بازاریابی سبقت بگیرند و محصولات خود را سریعتر به کشورهای دیگر معرفی کنند.

هزینه ای کم

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نتیجه گیری

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