Sunday, February 21, 2016

Maybe a person cant make you change your mind but a song sure can

Today I got the chance to hear some good music while I sat alone (that is very very rare for a mommy) on a bench surrounded by lush green trees around me, soft grass under my feet and blue sky engulfing the Petronas Towers. It felt so good. And the music simply made me realize how important it is in our life. It has the power to make things happen, make life better, make an attitude positive, bring a smile on a frowned face and also make a tear drop down the cheek. I used to listen to songs a lot before having Evan. Humming while I listened was my favourite part. But I have not been doing that often lately. So I miss it big time. But when I do get the chance I make the most of it. Sometimes it helps me amend a decision, at times it makes me stronger than I think I am, at times it just lets me be me, at times it makes me cry, at times it makes me smile ear to ear brings back some good and some bad memories but never does it disappoint me ever! When in life you might be confused and the closest around you are engaged in telling you what is right and what is wrong, all you should ideally do is listen to a nice song! It will guide you in its own way...the lyrics might not always be suitable to your situation but the tune and the melody will help you find answers.

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