Sunday, February 21, 2016

Learning to be what you want your child to be

I keep telling Evan (now he understands some words and tone) not to throw things. I know he will keep doing it for as long as he wants, but I intend to keep telling him because one day he surely will know what I am saying and learn from it. But is this all that simple? Evan's observation is better than mine. He watches us, imitates us then gives us a wicked smile and we laugh! But thats also a scary thing in a way. He will do everything the same way or manner in which we do it. So we HAVE to watch ourselves. Thats so alarming. Our generation is very different from our parents. My mom and dad never woke up late. They never switched on T.V. before they were done with their morning chores and work. They did not have mobile phones/ tablets/ laptops. They never yelled at each other. They ate at home except for times when it was something special and we would go out for dinner. They were not fussy about food. They believed everything homemade is delicious than food from outside.They had a certain pattern, a certain discipline to their lives. Even though I might have felt bored to follow it as a kid, I think it was an ideal way to deal with life. Maybe that is why being a parent is so hyped nowadays. Because couples have to give up so many things now to become capable parents. We have to change our pattern of living when we become parents. Our parents did not have to do that. They were never spoilt in the first place! But we are. Not that we are horrible..haha! But we are not as good as them. Waking up early on a sunday is like suicide to most of us. (I know I am exaggerating) But yes its something we would never want to happen. But it does happen. And you got to live with it with a smile on your face. We are good. But our parents were far better. We were smart but our children are much smarter.

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