Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lost in transformation

While touring with my thoughts I reached a place in the past which seemed so unfamiliar to me and I shockingly asked myself, "Is that really me!" Glimpses of my past make me wonder if I have lost myself in transformations. Of course these various roles you play in life make you a better person and make your life worth it. But in that whole process of giving it your best in every relationship, it takes you away from yourself a little bit each time. The real, unfiltered, unpolished and raw version of you hides under layers of transformations. Moreover I feel it happens mostly with women. They try a little too hard to give in. As daughters, as wives and most importantly as mothers. There is nothing sad about it when you do it with love and fulfillment. But at the same time it is also equally necessary that you keep that original version of yourself alive inside your heart and mind. You have to cherish her and have conversations with that "you"! It helps you remind yourself what you love doing, what you hate from the core, what you wish to do, what your dreams are, where your true passion lies...all of this should be treasured very fiercely. So that when life gives you a chance you always know what to do and how to do it! It all comes down to giving yourself the best you can like you give it your best in every other relationship. Love yourself a little more, praise yourself a little more and smile looking at yourself in the mirror a lot more! And then you will get hold of that original amazing version and undoubtedly never let her slip away again!

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