Thursday, July 9, 2009

Manufacturer Ne Bana Di Jodi - First Guest Post

Hey all,
Here's the very first guest post of a friend. He has commented on my blog on all posts without fail...well thanks for that Neeraj. Also the one to insist that I have a shout box on my blog!! I never knew what it was until he told me! LOLz..

P.S. Neeraj, I am sorry but I somehow could not upload a photo for your post, I tried for a long time ...I guess some problem!! Dont worry your story is a visual in itself!! :P

"I was thinking what to write and this came into my mind........this is
love story with no twists and turns. Story is incomplete...all
incomplete love stories are sweet...arn't they?.

This love story is of love between "the mouse (he) and the key-board (she)".
definitions : The mouse= i
The keyboard= you
The mouse+ The Keyboard= We

Here it goes....

I remember the day we were created.....err....manufactured. what was the name of the manufacturer? hmmmmm....but that doesn't matter, what matters is "we were made for each other". We travelled together for long time. We stayed together in one place for so long .well ,i had no analog/digital clock with me to measure the exact
duration....but it was long for sure. You were hidden from me by some cardboard . Don't know why they kept us separated from each others view and we kept silent for so long when we were "made for each other". I always had crush on you.

We have real vibrant work-place. I remember the day when we were taken out to be employed in same place by our owner.we have to support uncle CPU to help him send signal to auntie TFT-monitor ( no gossiping plz :p ) . Here i would like to salute the the understanding between uncle CPU and auntie TFT-Monitor. They have always worked in coherence and they complement each other so well in-spite of the fact that they are not married to each other. Next notable employee is the hottie-cutie-singer err..... the speaker-system. She is responsible for creating the vibrant musical environment. All of us have to be supported by BIG-brother/Boss The UPS . No one moves without his support , for those who are confused , we run on power supplied by
him. Not to forget little pen-drive , uncountable creatures called CDs-DVDs they visit our place quite often. Ya new entrant, already a sweet friend of mine , The External-hard-disk . They say he has vast space under his possession which caught the imagination of our owner. Special mention to the chick "the head-phone". She has real dream figure no wonder it's a pleasure to have her in the surrounding...( i
know you are jealous of her..hehe ).Our owner calls himself "above0007" , real weird name but after all he is our master.

Coming back to our love-saga ;I was floored by your beauty , the elan with which you carried yourself. You were complex like all gals(no offence , han!!), but there did exist the beauty. I knew you were more capable than me , but our owner did trust me more when you and me had to perform similar work. Top secret, he was novice user then. These days , he relies on you more than me and rightly so , i am happy to
enjoy leisure and see you work. I knew you were impressed by my simplicity and my "cute-face" weren't you?...i can see you blushing (see , i know what you call my face ). It felt heavens when you touched me accidently, actually i had touched you, my weird working style can't work without moving weirdly. hey , do you really require
those many "keys" call them ornaments. I know it's impossible to persuade you on this topic.You people just can't live without ornaments. Oyeee look more beautiful with them....irony you were floored by my simplicity but you keep yourself so complex with ornaments. Another secret revealed , i love you more with all your ornaments.

Hey dear ,everything has been dream till now for us. We have spent countless number of hours working together. We are always within touching distance of each other , isn't this special thing all lovers wish.We are so lucky to have been made for each other. You know what,recently i saw a LAPTOP, another work-place. There i saw a crazy guy "a touch-pad" sitting next to a key-board.He calls himself cool
metraosexual "dude" as if he is a cold thing.I am relieved no touch-pad is there in our work-place and on top of that i have faith in you and in our love which is pure-for-sure.

Before closing: when we wish something strongly , whole universe conspires to help us. you and i both know, we wait for our best moment, that is when i get chance to touch my body with yours , but i need my masters support to do this. Master are you reading this :P......lolz .Ours is clearly a case of "manufacturer ne bana di
jodi" ( manufacturer created the duo ). May only new/sweet chapters are added in our love story.......i can say here "dance pe chance mar le ".....saga continues......"

Words for aditi.....
you are special and i wish you keep smiling and get everything in life what you want.It's a privilege to know you and to be guest on your blog is like dream for me. Congratulations on reaching this milestone of 50 blog entrie; this may seem virtual milestone but happiness associated is real. Keep on spreading smile dear "
aditi..............:)" ( yes, if i am not wrong there are 14 dots in your profile name :P )

Neeraj (


Arv said...

thats one unique story and an amazing concept... :)

nice post Neeraj...

Thanks Aditi... take care... cheers...

Mads said...

concept is really very cool
rofl@ 14 fullstops in aditi's profile name =))
good one :)

Aditi..............:) said...


Thanks buddy.....:)

Aditi..............:) said...


Thans babe....yeah even I havent counted those dots!! :P

Ria said...

loved the concept and the post was very well written. :)

Aditi..............:) said...


Thanks for reading...I am sure Neeraj will thank you too! :)

neeraj_only said...

@arv : thank you buddy. I have seen your comments at many places, good to get your comment. Feels nice to be guest :)

neeraj_only said...

@ mads : i haven't read you for quite sometime , you are so good with humor :)

ya , dots are unique in aditi's profile name and we are loving them :p

neeraj_only said...

@ ria : i call this "no-concept" ....hehe
thankie 4 liking :)

neeraj_only said...

@ aditi : thkuji 4 posting this and words at the beginning of the post.

One disclosure : i had won 2nd prize in 1st year (aug 2005 ), in college fest, event was 'technical love letter writing '. Then i had written on 'love b/w electron and proton' :p.

Aditi..............:) said...


Hey wow.....thats amazing....its such an unusual thought...Hats off to you!!!

You should post that story on your blog...!! :)

neeraj_only said...

Tech love letter tha , unusual to hona hi tha :)

kuch jyada yad nahi , bas kuch-kuch yad letter ws 3 page long , guy jo 1st hua tha 1page ka poem likha tha.....mere ko pata nahi tha i can write love letter ,wo bhi technical....lolz

Aditi..............:) said...



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