Monday, July 21, 2008

C for Chennai

It’s been 9 months since I shifted to Chennai post marriage. And I have discovered some intriguing, some sweet, some surprising facts about this peaceful city.
I have compared Chennai to Mumbai in all possible ways because that’s what you do when ever you unwillingly shift to some place you don’t like from a distance. And then your feelings mould in ways the city treats you! I have started loving Chennai for its peaceful nature, in no hustle bustle routine life, its superb green environment and for the Horlicks Mysore paak I eat at Grand Sweets in Adyar!

So I thought I should write something about this city I adopted few months back. Our home is opposite to one of the renowned temples of Chennai, Padmanabham Temple, it has unruffled atmosphere around and inside. I am glad we got such a warm and comfortable place to dwell.
Here are some facts about the city which you won’t know until you live here!

Even people owning a Mercedes wear a lungi not a Gucci!
Traffic Police use walky talkies and are very considerate at least to the non Tamilians, they are not corrupt!
Rickshaw Drivers never use the proudly fixed meters, instead they charge money on god knows what basis!
Every road is shielded with lush green trees.
Many people perform sit ups in front of the deity as a form of Namaskar. Though I keep wondering why??
Almost all the localities can’t speak Hindi, though it’s our national language.
People eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if not rice then something made of it!
Rickshaw drivers carry people to the temple, wait outside till the particular person does his religious chores which could take more than 25 minutes and drive them back! Of course they charge money but assuming the patience of a rickshaw driver don’t you think its unbelievable!
There are more varieties of “Dosas” available in Mumbai than here! Guess who invented most of them ;p
All I could learn to say in Tamil after all these months is “Tamil Teriyaad”; it means I don’t know Tamil!!!

While I am still enjoying my stay in this city, I will add to my list facts that intrigue me and share with you all!


nihit said... now you know whatt i went through, like 8 times in my life..
offcourse u hate the new place at first, but then it turns out to be "the awesomeness"
m experiencing that with mumbai ;) >>>

Ramkumar said...

More Chennaites wear 'Veshti' (dhoti worn differently) than lungi. Your comment on Chennaites' unending consumption of rice and its variants is spot on.


Nemesis said...

Tamil teriyamu here.. only 15 words though!! Anyway, even I got posted to TN a couple of weeks ago.. And yes, I've started loving the place, too.. Or maybe I'm just pretending :D so as to survive!!