Monday, March 10, 2008

Chennai Morning!

“Chennai is so hot January end onwards, you both are going to have a tough time!” was what everyone was saying to us in a teasing tone when we moved to Chennai post marriage!!
But look at the climate here…..I am loving it in Chennai right now. It is raining since two days and its just lovely to look outside the window or stand in the balcony or to ride my red scooty all alone on the damp roads.
As I rode my way to my office today my mind was filled with only admiration for my new hometown, the wet green trees, the coolness due to the rains mixing tenderly with the breeze unmistakably bringing a smile on my face, the wheels of the vehicles on the road were squirting the yellow leaves fallen from the trees haywire, everyone walking around with pleasant faces.
It was purely a magical morning.
A back answer to all of them who think Chennai is unbearable hot…this year it rained in January, in February and also in March!! Am loving it you see…;)


arati said...

Soni u have expressed the feel of every moment u experienced in the morning beautifully.we can get a clear picture of the state of your mind n the envoirnment.keep writing.We feel happy to know ur different moods of enjoyment.

SHUBHA said...

ohh wow... i love it .... u have a nice talent of writing dear i can feel and experience the whole scene.... love chennai.. even its hot hehehe:P

Abhinav said...

Enjoy the weather!