Sunday, February 21, 2016

Motherhood - the best transformation

Evan is fast asleep. Its ME time when he sleeps. But all I do is think about him.Right now while looking at his photographs from the day I was pregnant to this day when I am planning his first birthday party I simply cannot believe my transformation. I am a totally new person. Or maybe I am the same old person with a brand new heart which can love more than it ever knew to love. Last one year has been the best year of my life and the reason is only one, Evan. Evan made me a much much better person than I was. I actually have forgotten what I was like. Motherhood is so beautifully engaging. Every word in the dictionary will fall short to describe what Evan has given to me. What I give him is negligible in comparison to what he gives me. Its a feeling only to be lived and experienced. All those things which I always thought I wasn't capable of ..I could do them efficiently. Every tear of worry turned into a tear of joy. All I ever wished for in life became him. He makes every morning delightful, every afternoon lively and every evening fulfilling. When he is awake and crawling I am busy running behind him. I so wish he sleeps and yearn to get some rest. But when he falls sleeps a little longer I snuggle and kiss him so that he wakes up. I feel like a part of me is in him. Only when he wakes up with a giggle and a sloppy kiss on my cheeks do I come truly alive. Its a godly experience to be a mother. I am falling short of words to describe the right feeling. Writing after a long time more because I dont find words to describe myself anymore. Maybe with time I will.

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