Sunday, February 21, 2016

Luck by my side

It was a stubborn Wednesday and I was dragging the week somehow. Amit had been working till late, so I was looking after the kids and home for a long time at a stretch. It was exhausting to say the least. Especially when the kids are down with cold and cough. We had not even gone out for two days due to the same. I wanted to breathe some fresh air, wear neatly ironed clothes and look better if not nice. I was done being sweaty and sad looking. But I did not have an option so I kept reminding myself of how lucky I was to be able to spend every moment with my precious ones. They will not be this small forever. That story though true wasn't working well in my head. My mind kept insisting that I could do with a tiny break. Amit finally came home and thus followed happy screams from Evan. Glad to see baba home his face lit up. We had dinner and I suddenly realized that I had completely forgotten a thing to be bought to send with my friend who was traveling to India the next day. That thing was a loving demand from my adorable pregnant sis in law Neha. I told Amit that I would have to go and get it from the store though it was already 9.30pm. I quickly added that I would take Evan along with me to save Amit from the riot. But instead Amit suggested that I take my time off. Those words were golden in every way. Without much discussion I agreed. I rapidly got ready before I got the time to change my mind. Finally after blowing kisses to Evan and promising to come soon I stepped out of our house. My face had a constant grin. I walked to the bus stop. While I waited for the bus I took long breaths. The air felt cool. It had just rained so the roads were damp. The moon was peeping out from the sky. It was a perfect night to go to the grocery store! I shopped all the things on the list. While returning home and listening to my favorite playlist simultaneously I was consumed by the thoughts such as 'how lucky I was to have a husband like Amit!', ' how I should remember this when we gave an argument next time!' , or ' how did I manage to be so sure to find the perfect groom for myself at the age of nineteen!' By the time I reached home it was 11.15 pm and our house was still wide awake. Evan ran towards me in excitement as I entered. Amit had made Arin sleep. I thanked him dearly for taking care of the kids even after a tiring day at office. But I had to be thankful to something else too. Singapore was such a safe haven that a woman could without thinking twice travel by public transport at 11 pm. This is definitely rare to happen any where else in the world. The Aamir khan statement being still fresh in my head, this experience made more sense to me than ever before. I retired to bed with all these thoughts making rounds in my head. As I lied down and closed my eyes I heard Arin's soft cry. Well who knew, my day was not over just yet! :)


Joki said...

Always believe there is will be light after the dark, you can be idealistic but time will give you choice to be an realistic person.

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