Sunday, February 21, 2016

Life is simple. We complicate it,

A friend sent me an audio recording of Vapu Kale today. After listening to it I was tempted to listen more of him. So I searched on YouTube and found more audio recordings. While listening to it I was travelled back to his times. My grandparents times. Times when world was much simpler than it is today. In one of his narrations he says that a man and a woman should always have defined chores. He attempts to boldly say that a wife should take care of the house and the husband should work outside to earn. If he would have said it today to someone itcwoukd surely have been a controversy implying that he is a womaniser. But what he means is far more deep than you and I can apprehend. He further says that there should never be a competition between a couple. Their worlds should be different. When a wife starts working her respect for her husband reduces and she might just say, " What's the big deal in what you do? I can do it too!" And vice versa. There at that very moment competition enters the relationship. The proportions of respect and love change. The equation loses its charm. Does he say anything wrong? I do not feel so. In today's times where we are marching out and shouting out loud about how men and women are equals and how there shouldn't be discrimination, are we turning into rebels too? I agree both deserve equal amount of respect and rights. But this whole scenario is making the basic relationship of a man and woman much more complicated than it actually is. What he puts forth is aa simple and forgotten fact of today. A man and a woman are different. They have different hormones to create different feelings. They are two different poles of the earth. They have different thinking mechanism. What makes them stand equal beside each other is the very fact that they need each other. Equal can also mean differently similar. Today in relationships we have more of a competition than compassion. More of words and less of understanding the silence. More of acting together than thinking together. "Even I am capable to do it" has ruined the delicate nuances of a man woman relationship. A woman might be a CEO of a company but she still is afraid of a lizard on the wall. A man might be strong and physically more able but he still needs a woman to move her fingers through his hair and ask if things are okay. No matter how much we fight about equality we also need to remember that we are different and that the beauty lies in being so. Just for a moment forget the equality fight and think. Appreciate more. Compete less.