Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cherishing childhood

Did I have a life so positive before I had Evan? No I did not! Its so amazing that your life changes so drastically after you have a suddenly have more respect for your own mother after you become one. Its truly a blessing to become a mother but at the same time its a real tough job! I remember my childhood as a very happy one and thats only because of my parents.....I am now thriving to achieve that for Evan. Right now he is small, but he will grow up in no time and start forming memories of our moments together....I want them to be pink, all of them! I have so many photos of my many recordings of my brother and me saying poems and singing songs ...our parents in the background encouraging us to get closer to the tape recorder...and suggesting to say that one and this one! Its such a blissful experience to hear all of that now. Every photograph I watch with my parents has some incident or a memory carved in their mind....some frock that I am wearing..or the doll I am holding...I totally believe that my life would not have been so beautiful and so carefree if they werent my parents :-) Now with Evan I realised I have it in me to become like them...I have suddenly become so alert to my surroundings....I am constantly thriving to do better than I am doing...I have not felt these feelings ever before in life with so much intensity... At times if I feel depressed due to something....I am upset or I am just not feeling me.....Evan is the one and the only factor who makes mel alright in no time! He smiles with so much care and love that everything else seems purely irrelevant! And I cant even thank him for what he is doing i shower him with kisses....which is again an experince in itself! :-) But I can surely thank my parents, my brother and also my grandparents who have filled my childhood with so much love and warmth that now I am capable to give it all to Evan!

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