Sunday, February 21, 2016

Friends for life are like water is for survival

Memories strike you more when you realise how much your life has changed. But no matter how many tilts, turns and tornados your life goes through one part of your life seems almost unmoved and unbiased. That part of your life is called friends! It doesn't matter what you do in life, how much you achieve, how bald you get, how many hair on your head has turned white, how much flab you have put on your stomach and even if you are miles apart from each other. Nothing deters friendship. True friends are real treasure of your life. When Amit and I got married we moved to Chennai almost immediately. Our stuff was transported to Chennai even before we left Mumbai and it was suppose to reach before us. But unfortunately major delay happened. We temporarily were staying at Amit's old accomodation and looking forward to move in to our own home. That now seemed impossible. So we continued staying in the old accomodation. Amit lived with two of his friends. The house was typical of how a bachelors house would be. It had one big living room and one spacious bedroom. Amit's poor friends had to let me in their home and tolerate me as well. To my surprise and relief they were extremely understanding. They made me feel at ease. I was living there like a fourth friend. There were more lizards than people in the house. So I was always watchful! There was a guy who claimed himself to be a cook and would come daily to cook for them and now me too! The kitchen was a total mess. I cooked for them at times to make them realise what real food meant. They had almost forgotten it after eating Ramu ke haath ka khana. After fifteen whole days of sharing the house with them we finally moved to our home. Even though the stay might not have been very convenient it was surely memorable. Anirudha (urf manager) and Ajay (urf geem) were humble enough to let me stay with them. Now we are all miles apart but those days will always hold a special place in my heart. School friends are the oldest and the bestest friends one can ever make. That's my belief because I have experienced it thoroughly through out my life. I value them way too much in my life. So two years back I decided to make each of their birthdays special. It had been years since we had gifted each other anything. So I tried and made their birthdays grand. But what they did for me recently was totally overwhelming. They travelled all the way to Ahemdabad while Amit was here, to surprise me. They arrived at my doorstep with a cake and two garlands (lol) to congratulate us. Sometimes it is still hard to believe that all of them could find time on the same day! When we were in double mind about moving to Singapore our very good friends from Malaysia who were now residing in Singapore encouraged us that we should. We were welcomed in their house for a whole week when we landed until we found an apartment. Dont know what we would have done without them. Later when we moved into our own apartment I was unaware of the fact that I would make such great friends there. But thanks to my cousin sis who lived there for several years helped me find them. Sometimes it takes years to get along with someone and few moments to click with some. When I moved in to the new condos I was clueless of everything. But then I met them and it fit like a jigsaw puzzle. There is a true connection between us. I am totally grateful that I found these bunch of girls and am so looking forward to be back in Singapore! Friends are such integral part of your life. They are family. I am glad I have been gifted with such amazing souls in my life!


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